Friday Finds

This week has been absolutely gorgeous outside, intact as I write this I am currently enjoying my patio on bright yellow patio furniture, listening to the birds and smelling my jasmine vine nearby. Heavenly? Um yes. I am SO excited for more summer days like this to approach. Summer is about making time for things you don’t, wearing colorful clothing, learning new things and trying new recipes. At least that is what is inspiring all of today’s Friday Finds…check it out zesties!

I. The Illustrated Compendium

of Amazing Animal Facts


Pic from here

Learning cool facts about animals is not just for kids, at least not when you have this legit book. I snagged this adorable hand drawn book a few weeks back at a cute boutique in Cambria. I placed it in my guest bathroom for that easy and fun read near the toilet 🙂 ha! After all- did you know that a crocodile can go three years without eating? And a tarantula two years? Know you do thanks to my cool book!! <<snag it here much cheaper than I did!>>

II. Meet Yarrow


Pic from here

Yar-what? Yarrow- pronounced just like it sounds- no I am not making pirate jokes on ya. This is my latest landscape plant I am crushing on. I love that they come in pastel watercolor and are conveniently popping up all throughout my yard. These CA natives are drought tolerant and super easy to grow. AKA my new BFF!

III. Sbicca dreaming…


If you are hip and can throw back and hear the word Sbicca and may get transported to some fabulous dance parties, cruising along the beach boardwalk or some epic concerts. Sbicca shoes dates back to the 1920’s and has been known for the CA inspired shoe line that allows you to have  a laid back wardrobe without skimping on quality. Made in the Souther CA, they offer everything from sandals to shoes and boots. I think I own about 7 different pairs and they are my FAVORITE! Currently crushing on some of their new styles here.

IV. One Pot Campfire Recipes

With Memorial day sneaking up on us next week I am super excited to get away to the great outdoors! We have planned a little two night camping trip up near Pinnacles CA. We plan to do some hiking, play cards and eat yummy food of course! I don’t know about you but I grew up camping and sometimes I felt like we would eat better food camping than at home after a busy work day. Camping allows you to slow down and maybe get a little more creative since you are putting in more effort to think about HOW am I going to cook my meal. Ha! I love my dutch oven and am excited about these recipes I found over on Fresh off the Grid….

Dutch Oven Chicken Marbella:


Chickpea Hash:


Dutch Apple Crisp:


Campfire Nachos:


Happy Friday Zesties!



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