Fresh Citrus Curd

Savouring Saturday

Are you a hater of waste?  I totally am!  I feel some sort of deep satisfaction when all the resources in my kitchen are put to good use.  There is something poetic about good ingredients used to their fullest potential.  I guess that is why I can never separate an egg without hoping that both the yolk and the white will serve a purpose.  So often, I make a frosting or bake a cake that seems to want to leave those gorgeous, vibrant, sunny yolks behind.  I just cannot stand it!  Obviously, if this happened only once in a blue moon, I may content myself that the meringue or frosting had put the egg to good use.  As if it’s transformation into something decadent had justified using only half the egg.  However, when I routinely see a dozen or so yolks sadly being separated out and in danger of being discarded, something in me snaps.  I am completely compelled to rescue them and give them the shining debut that they deserve.  Yes, I could simply add them into an omelet, but how about something with a little more pizzazz?


When life gives you yolks, make curd.  And when you want some pizzazz, reach for the ZEST!



3 large egg yolks

zest of one orange, one lime, and one lemon

1/8 cup of lemon juice

1/8 cup orange juice

6 tbls sugar

4 tbls cold butter, cut into pieces


Combine your egg yolks and zest, then squeeze your fresh juice.  Make sure not to add the juice until you are ready to heat your mixture.  First, combine the sugar and then the juice….just so that the acidity does not start cooking your yolks.


With the yolks, zest, juice, and sugar combined, begin to heat your mixture on the stove.  Keep stirring constantly, so that you do not wind up with a weird scramble.


Cook the curd over medium heat with a wooden spoon until you begin to see it thicken.


Once it is thick enough to seriously coat your spoon, take it off the heat and begin beating in your pieces of cold butter one at a time, until they are fully incorporated.


Transfer the hot curd to a bowl, so as to stop the cooking process.  Remember that curd should be silky, not like runny scrambled eggs.


Go ahead and lay a piece of plastic wrap right on top of the surface of your mixture.  This will prevent the curd from forming a nasty skin while it cools in the fridge.  You want to keep the air off of it entirely.


Once it is cooled, you can serve this citrus curd any way you prefer.  It is such a bright and rich flavor that it is perfect for desserts, snacks or breakfast!


Tea time, anyone?



Photo Credit to Jessica Helton of A Little Long Distance

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