Fresh Aloe Oil Skincare

Admittedly, I am on a total aloe kick of late.  It has been my answer to bolstering my immune system this cold & flu season, and it has genuinely got me excited about my digestive health.  This juice is a little miracle.  I at times will buy it in bulk as a juice at the store (making sure there is no sugar added), or I have been known to make it fresh like I did here.

If you actually happen to get your hands on some gorgeous aloe leaves at the supermarket, you may want to try this little concoction.  This aloe oil is perfect for your skin…and it’s so safe that it’s actually edible!  The best part?  It helps to clear your skin, treats wrinkles, makes your lips super soft, and can even promote new hair growth….and you can make it in your kitchen!  I love this!!

aloe cream_0000

Aloe Oil

1 part fresh aloe

1 part coconut oil

aloe cream_0001

If you are using fresh aloe (which I strongly recommend for this recipe), then start by slicing the side ribs of spines off.  Then attack it with a vegetable peeler or a paring knife.  Just be careful!  These bad boys are slippery and slimy once you start to peel.
aloe cream_0003aloe cream_0004If this is new to you, get ready to feel like a little kid!  Aloe is sooo trippy….and so cool.
aloe cream_0006

Start by pureeing the aloe until it is smooth and free of lumps.

aloe cream_0007

The viscosity is so COOL!

aloe cream_0008

Remember, this is a 1:1 recipe.  So, however much aloe you have pureed is how much coconut oil you are going to want to add.  If you have a cup, then you want a cup of coconut oil.  Just remember to melt your coconut oil first, so that it blends easily.

aloe cream_0010

As the coconut oil cools, continue to blend the aloe oil so that you do not wind up with a ton of little lumps of hard coconut oil in the mix.

aloe cream_0011

Pour your concoction into a container and get ready to watch the benefits of aloe make some magic.

aloe cream_0012

You do not need to keep this in the fridge (it would get too hard), but use it generously because it’s shelf life isn’t long.  Remember, this has no preservatives, so I wouldn’t give it much longer than a week.  So, maybe start by making a smaller amount at first.  Then, use it all over!  Your body, your face, your hair, your nails….go for it!  This stuff is awesome!



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