Fortini Interior Designs

Today is a little flashback to a rather fun Chamber of Commerce mixer we had the good fortune to attend.  Mixers are always fun, but there is something completely delightful when you mix gourmet food trucks, cool lounge spaces in the middle of the street, great wine, and killer design.

Okay, that is kind of a long list.

Fortini_Interior_Designs_1137]Fortini_Interior_Designs_1140Fortini_Interior_Designs_1141Fortini_Interior_Designs_1142In fact, we had so much fun touring the Prado model homes that I wound up taking close to 150 pix.  I hope you understand the compulsive shutterbug that I am when you see the amazing designs from Fortini.  In fact we were so inspired by the designs that Fortini came up with for each space, that we simply had to share for Trendy Tuesday!!

Get ready for eye candy galore!



Pretty fun eye candy, huh?

What was your favorite detail from Fortini Designs?



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