Foremost Wine Co.


We are sure that you have heard the buzz that has surrounded our Mmmmonday selection today…at least if you are local.  Happy day for us that we finally managed to be in SLO for lunch and pop into this gorgeous new restaurant!


We were more than a little excited to see if this place could stand up to all the hype that has been circling around since it’s grand opening.  I will tell you this much, our first impression was a VERY happy one!  The decor was unreal, and the wine…oh the wine!  So many lovelies for all to see and taste!




Once our wine selection was made, we could not resist taking a closer gander at all the beauty that this new space had to offer up.  Yes, the dining room was impeccable…but we fell in love with their wine bar lounge space.  Completely inspiring!


After geeking out a skosh, it was time to get serious about the food.  After all, the buzz about Chef Julie Simon and her creations was loud!

Ummm, and we are always jazzed about female chefs doin’ their thang!




Decisions, decisions.

Ultimately, we decided to order a few things for the table and eat tapas style.  This is usually our approach to ordering, as Sam and I can never decide on just one thing.  It is WAY more fun getting a few bites of an assortment of flavors.  A party in your mouth, if you will.

For starters, we ordered their delightfully delicate Lemon & Garlic Burrata:

{Burrata / lemon crème fraiche / boquerones/garlic chips / bagna cauda}

Welcome to my Elysium.  Obviously, the texture and flavor of burrata is a delicate masterpiece, but mixing it up with fresh white anchovies and perfectly crisp garlic chips is genuis.  This dish is special and worthy of any lover of food, even those who consider themselves timid with trying new things.  Go ahead, I dare you not to devour this dish.



Then we were on to the Croque Madame:

{Smoked salmon, gruyere, lemon confit, fried egg}

I am always a lover of this traditional French “fast food.”  However, Chef Julie Simon’s take on this delectable treat has completely upped the ante!  I almost have no words, except perfectly toasted bread and a heavenly mix of the god of cheeses (Gruyere) and salmon.  Beautiful and simple.  Is not simplicity the ideal for any chic dish?


Then their Arugula Pesto Rice Bowl:

{Poached egg, proscuitto, pickled beets, pine nut}

We loved how the rice was coated with the bright and peppery arugula.  It was a perfect balance for the saltiness of the proscuitto and the richness of the egg.  And pickled beets….need I say more?  Yum!


And ultimately the piece de resistance: their Dungeness Crab Rice Bowl

{Lychee, peanuts, mint, basil, coconut lime vinaigrette}

The Thai influences on this dish are bright and addictive.  We absolutely adored the sweet and tender meat paired with toasty and crunchy coconut.  We adore texture and this dish plays with it beautifully.  Just look at those blood oranges!



And then for dessert, they made an exceptional exception for us and served us dessert for lunch: Lemon Olive Oil Cake

{Olea farm olive oil cake, meyer lemon curd, crème fraîche}

Dense and moist cake paired perfectly with a zesty lemon curd.  It was a wonderful way to finish off such a special meal.  Spoons up!!


So many flavor explosions for our tastebuds!  This is a must stop in treat!  The wine is stellar, the service is thoughtful and the environment….well, you might not want to leave (or it may inspire your own mini photo-shoot, lol).

Bon apetit!


Chanda & Sam

Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton

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