Flavored Waters

Today’s trendy post is a part of my everyday.  With my 39th birthday approaching next month, I am super focused on making small changes that can have a big impact on my health.  An easy change is simple hydration.  Sam and I are notorious for trudging through our days until we develop migraines from forgetting to drink water (and often times forgetting to eat timely).  When I say “forget,” I am more than serious.  Often times, I would get to the evening and realize that I had not even had a single glass of water.  I think dehydration was my body’s norm.  Come to think of it, I do not actually know what my body would even feel like if it was fully hydrated!  The lameness of this bad pattern is that I can trace it clear back to grade school, if I am honest.

I am not sure as to why I seem to avoid water.  It is not like I think it is horrible, but maybe just a little boring.  I have never been a huge fan of sweet sodas, but I love FLAVOR!


My solution to get healthier was more than simple.  Buy a glass water bottle, so that in the heat my water does not wind up tasting like plastic…and buy fresh produce and herbs for flavor.  Call it Zesty water if you will 😉

Here are a few of my favorite combos keeping me hydrated this summer and helping get lean through bathing suit season!

Strawberry & Basil


Pineapple & Mint


Pear & Thyme


Blackberry & Lime


Apple & Mint


The best part is that as you drink your flavored water, you can just top it off with more fresh water throughout the day for some easy refreshing hydration!

Cheers to your health!



Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton

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