Find & Fix it Friday: Slate Tile Turned Cheese Platter

One of the unique things about Zest it Up is that we are both caterers AND designers.  Sam and I love all things beautiful AND tasty.  We are particularly obsessed with both texture and color….and that applies to both our loves: design and food.  And of course, there is always our utter passion for thrift and repurposing!

This brings us to my point today.  During yesterday’s trip to Restore, I was particularly taken with all the gorgeous natural tiles in varying shapes.  Remember the crazy assortment?


I was in heaven, looking at all the sizes, colors, glazes and textures.  I could see a million projects pop into my head right before my eyes!  However, when I came across some nicely sized slate tiles, the fromage freak in me was doing cartwheels (umm, not literally, I must clarify after some of the cheesy pix of my outing yesterday 🙂 ).  What a find!

Check out why I got so excited, with my play-by-play building of a GORGEOUS cheeseplatter!

IMG_8420Starting off with my sexy $2 slate tile, I began to layer some rosemary from the yard.

IMG_8421Then, I grabbed some lush pomegranates for some added color and some tasty bursts of flavor.

IMG_8422Now for the fromage assortment.  Bring on the cheese, cheese, cheese, please!

IMG_8423I always try to make sure that I provide an assortment of cheeses that appeals to various tastes.  You always want a friendly, unpretentious cheddar of sorts.  A fancy pants selection like Humboldt Fog which is an aged goat cheese of infinitely glorious flavor….and it is a sophisticated option to replace a standard brie.  Here I chose a nice twist to a plain chevre, one touched with honey and rolled in dried cranberries for an extra flare of tang.  Lastly, how about something with a little spice?  I went with a chipotle gouda to capitalize on the smokey notes!

Next for the ac·cou·tre·ment!

IMG_8424Local raw honey…..

IMG_8425Blueberries, Marcona almonds and spiced pecans tip the scales of elegant decadence!

I am loving the flavor profiles and the textural beauty that puts me somewhere between sensory overload and complete bliss….

IMG_8427IMG_8426IMG_8425Now that is what I call putting a found treasure to work!  And in such a delectable way!  I bet the peeps at Restore would be surprised about this tiles new life!

Bon apetit, peeps!



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