Find & Fix it Friday: Quick felting to fix a sweater

Today is more about fixing than finding.  As I’m sure is the case with most of you fabulous Zesters, you probably have a sweater that has seen more love than most in your wardrobe.  You know, that sweater that makes you feel cozy and at home, no matter where you are.  Maybe it is the first thing you turn to, to put on when the temperature drops or maybe when you feel under the weather.  Whatever the occasion, it is the garment that makes you feel real and at peace in your own skin.  Maybe it’s the adult version of your baby blanket or stuffed teddy.  Well, that is what my blue sweater is to me….comfort.  So, when it wore a hole in it’s much used elbow, I decided to take action ASAP!  And, in true Zest fashion, it had to follow form and not just function.  Who can resist a repair that makes a once perfect sweater even better??? Introducing felting as a fabulous tactic for repairing moth holes, worn areas, or just to simply adorn! DSC_3369First off, since I was repairing an elbow, I wanted to make sure that I got the correct placement for my patch.  So, I used some scotch tape to mark where I wanted to place the bottom of my patch. Now for the funny part….a major FAIL for this Queen of Make-Do!  I didn’t have the right tools for this job,  just some roving wool and a major hankering for accomplishing this task on the fly.  So, I got creative and used some cork I had lying around and a seam ripper…..these were in loo of a true piece of sturdy foam and a roving needle.  Hmmmmmm….seemed like a good idea at the time…. DSC_3374I placed the cork inside of the sleeve, behind the hole that I wanted to repair. DSC_3377Placing a cookie cutter over the area that I wanted to “darn” and adorn, I picked up my seam ripper and began the stabbing motion that I knew was required for felting. DSC_3378DSC_3380DSC_3382Mmmmmmmm, major bummer was that the combo of the seam ripper and the dense cork caused the massive destruction of my sleeve…..check out the shred job! DSC_3386A quick emergency run out to Michael’s and a whopping $4.99 splurge got me the right tools for the job! DSC_3389Now, time to fix the mess I made! DSC_3390It was working!!!!  I just kept adding some more roving wool wherever it seemed too thin. DSC_3396It worked great by starting with all the edges and then working towards the middle. DSC_3392Once things looked nice and firm, I began going over the edges a bit just to clean it up.  Just remember the up and down motion with the needle. DSC_3397DSC_3398Now, it was time to “felt” the wool with a little spray of water and an iron set to the wool setting. DSC_3401I even turned the sleeve inside out to make sure that the underside was felted well, too. DSC_3400DSC_3402Ahhhhh, a job FINALLY well done!  I love my new adornment and the sturdiness of my elbows in my favorite sweater! DSC_3406DSC_3407DSC_3410Here is to a fabulous fix!!!  Definitely worth a try for your fav….or just for a Thrift find that needs a little love 🙂 xoxo Chanda

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