Find & Fix it Friday: Ikea furniture transformed

Hi y’all.  One of the beauties of the wedding season slowing down is Sam and I have a bit of time to show some TLC to our homes.  This of course includes the mundane like deep Spring cleaning (done in the Fall since weddings take over our Spring), organizing, and conquering mountains of laundry while catching up on forgotten TV series….yippee!  However, there is the very deep satisfaction when you find a couple of hours to tackle a project that has been on you “list” for ages!!  Especially when it emphasizes the beauty and design of your home!

Ok, now time for my confessional….I want to share with you a project that I just did to an Ikea sidetable that I bought from a thrift store a while ago…..ummmm, ya like, 10 years ago!!  Yikes!  So….I don’t exactly have a true “before” shot, but it was a typical Ikea pine sideboard that basically looked like this styling, with the addition of some cabinet doors:

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 4.03.07 PM

The only exception was that my table rocked some uber cool white plastic knobs.  Oh yeah, very cool.  Thankfully, I bought it for $15, so replacing knobs was no biggie.

As I’m sure you can imagine, over a decade of time, my little table has had many lives!  It has stored dishes, it has stored school books, it has been olive green, and most recently, it has been cream (I was living at the beach at the time…so I was goin’ beachy).  Well, it had become an eyesore of late….but still so darn functional for small space living (uchem, storage is VERY important when raising three kids).  Here you can see the great care of it’s many transformations.



Quality work, right?  Obviously, this was as a rush job in the past with some left over house paint that was starting to evaporate and thicken…and now I am making time to rectify the design disaster!  All for the sake of storage!

DSC_3035How giddy was I when I started to sand?!  Things were smoothing out and looking just lovely with the peek-a-boo olive green showing through.

DSC_3042Some serious sanding, a couple of coats of glossy polyurethane, and some vintage glass knobs were the 1,2,3 steps of falling back in love with my storage solution.



Time to play around with arrangements that will keep my kids (and most importantly, my husband) from making piles of junk appear all over my new shiny table top (I can’t be the only momma fightin’ THAT battle)!


Lookin’ pretty spiffy!  Or, how about….

DSC_3134DSC_3136DSC_3135I don’t know yet, jury is still out.  But arrangements aside, I am LOVIN’ my “new” sideboard!  It is definitely more special than a mere Ikea thrift store find.

Thanks for Zestin’





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