ice tea sitting on a tile coaster

How to Make a Tile into a Coaster with Cork

Today’s find and fix it craft is SO easy you could probably do it blindfolded!! Gotta love that right?? We have this room in my home that we call the “sun room” because it lets in so much awesome natural light, in fact you have seen this room many a times in our photos since let’s face it- lighting is key in the photo world!! Well we have officially began to zest this room and create a cozy little living nook- details on that to come!! But in the mean time, in order to make it a real coffee table living room kind of experience we need some good old coasters!! Now many of you know about my slight obsession with honeycomb, I just love the pattern!! You can see other accents of this print around my home here and here on the blog. But today we bring the comb to my coasters!!


octagon shaped tile stacked on top of each otherI was so excited when I found these simple honeycomb tiles at the hardware store for a buck the other day- score!! Originally I thought I would end up doing some sort of tile or mosaic work- the obvious project right? But nope, they screamed “coaster” at me.

supplies for project: floor protectors and small tile piecesGrab some good old floor protectors from the dollar store, you can get felted ones or I was loving the natural cork feel!!

floor protectors are placed on the backside of the tile piecesNow simply stick the cork floor protectors on the side that will be facing the table, this will allow the coaster to not slide and even elevate it a bit. I chose to use the non-slippery part of my tile (normally the bottom) as my top so that when condensation was coming off the glass it wouldn’t be a slipper wet mess!

four of the floor protectors are placed in the corners of the tile

Slap four of those bad boys on, one in every corner…

Flip and Sip!!!

a glass of ice tea is placed on top of the newly made coaster!So easy and oh so cute!! Imagine all the fun tiles you can collect from Restore and Home depot?? Makes for an awesome house warming gift idea-wink wink!




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