DIY T-Shirt grocery bag

Well if you live in SLO county then you know very well that if you arrive at the check out stand with no bags your doomed. Yep you are that really cool person that try’s to juggle all your groceries in your hands all the while unlocking your car door. That or you either actually remember to pack your reusable bags or you pay the $.10 and kill the earth! So with that said, we bring you the t-shirt tutorial on how to create a fun and trendy produce bag for shopping that allows your veggies to breathe but also puts those old piles of t-shirts to use!!




needle & thread

20140424_110028Gotta love the colorful old t-shirt bin! Start digging or even hit up some thrift stores for some colorful fun new creations. Then take sharpie and make a guideline to cut the neck off.

20140424_110103Now time to snip away! This should leave you with a tube the you can put your hand through.

20140424_110144Turn that shirt inside out and grab your needle and thread to do a quick whip stitch (gotta love it when you do a craft that doesn’t force you to bust out the sewing machine)

20140424_11022520140424_110542IMG_0278All done sewing? Now you should have created a “sack” with three closed seams.

IMG_0280Time to cut some more, fold the fabric to make a cut through both sides of the shirt. Just make a small 1/2 inch sized cut

IMG_0279Then slip your scissors inside the whole to make it a bit bigger…

IMG_0281And repeat!! Be sure to make a handle at the top, I suggest about 4 inches below the top so you have a good handle that will still create a strong bag!

IMG_0284Time to go shopping and test it out!! Love when I can upcycle something and turn it into something new!


IMG_0282IMG_0285IMG_0286Brittany did a great job modeling for me 🙂

Hope that you find this project as easy and rewarding as we did!!





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  1. If you pull at the fabric a bit, it will create nice rolls and look even more webbed than these pix show. Pretty cool 🙂

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