Find & Fix it Friday: Candelabra Make-over

Today’s find & fix it is a quick an easy project, but sometimes those are the best! AKA I like instant gratification 🙂  My cousin Krissa is quite a zester at heart, she is constantly remaking things from junk to beauty!! Sadly she is down in San Diego with the rest of my family, but the good news is she is my eyes and ears down there! She scored me this awesome candelabra for me to zest! I have been hanging onto it trying to decide what and better yet where to put it, that was until today….

IMG_0172So cute right?? Only tricky thing is my house doesn’t really have any blue….so time to fix it!

IMG_0178Remember this wall we painted at my house? Remember that BIG bucket of paint I scored at Restore? Time to bring some yellow to the other side of the dining room.

IMG_0173IMG_0174First I wiped any dust or debris off the candle holder….

IMG_0175Then became the zen of painting!

IMG_0180And voila! I added in some striping to bring more color, now I just need to go buy some candles and I am set for a candle lit dinner 🙂


Thanks for zestin’ with us today, happy Friday!





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