Fall Acorn Inspired Picture Frame

One of the reasons I love where I live are the vast amount of trees, but not just any trees- OAK. Thats right quercus agrifolia, quercus lobata, quercus douglasii- ok here is the landscape architecture nerd in me coming out 🙂 Needless to say, it’s Fall and acorns are dropping! Not only am I excited about this fun fall project, but so is little Lucy- it means she gets to go on a nice longgg walk while mom collects acorns (i sound like a squirrel??)

Happy Lucy

Happy Sam

I took this plane picture frame…

Did some stamping with my 1.00 stamp from Michaels (another addiction, be sure to use your coupons!)

Hot glued the acorns hats along the edge

So cute on a mantle right?? Just added a pressed leaf from the oak tree in there for fun too- have fun zestin those picture frames! More acorn projects on the way!

Happy Zestin Wednesday


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    1. hahha thanks- she is our micro mini doxie (7 lbs full grown) but her BIG attitude makes up for her little size. haha Just checked out your blog, its super fun! Thanks for stopping by ours 🙂

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