Essential Oil Face Cream

Essential oils are more than a little fun to play with!  I have always been a huge proponent of natural health and finding alternative means to solving issues that arise for my family or myself.  I was totally the kid whose mother would confront my flu season with large cloves of raw garlic to chew on…I guess I was an unusual kid now that I look back.  How many kids do you know would crunch on raw garlic as they watched their cartoons and sniffled into Kleenex?

I guess the delightful scents of essential oils have me hooked.  Major healing properties without an aroma that will clear out a room: major bonus.  Now, I use them for all sorts of purposes in my home and for my health…and I am always on the lookout for a new use.  This little gem of a concoction has my skin glowing and happy.  Since geranium oil and lavender oil have moisturizing properties along with fighting wrinkles and germs, I had to add them to my nighttime routine.  It’s so easy and my face is doing the happy-dance!

face cream with essential oils_0000


Your favorite daily face cream

Geranium essential oil

Lavender essential oil

First squeeze about a dime size of the face cream into your palm…

face cream with essential oils_0001

Next, add two drops of lavender and two drops of geranium oil in your palm and mix with your fingers….

face cream with essential oils_0002face cream with essential oils_0003

Time to rub in and moisturize!

face cream with essential oils_0004

Hello beautiful skin!!



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