Erika’s Twin Boy’s Baby Shower

IMG_4442Congratulations to Erika & her Hubby who are expecting- and expecting not just one bundle of joy, but two!! We were so blessed to help partake with decor and dessert in her shower- we just couldn’t help but show it off. Shout out to her awesome Mom & sister’s who threw the shower!!

First stop, the candy bar!

IMG_4433 IMG_4434 IMG_4436 IMG_4435We loved the orange & blue theme- super fun for a boys showers!! Are you hungry yet?

IMG_4429Okay good because now we are serving up our delicious red velvet mini cupcakes with cream cheese frosting as well as our vanilla bean cupcakes complete with a fresh raspberry center and cream cheese frosting, mmmmmmm. Gotta love the cute flags- good job gettin’ crafty Katie!!

IMG_4427IMG_4432 IMG_4431 IMG_4430I wasn’t kidding on the raspberry center- like a little heart in the center for you 🙂

IMG_4444Ok you are probably thirsty now, too cute with the mason jar cups and straws- so simple but such a great way to keep consistent and cute!

IMG_4440IMG_4439And what’s a shower without the games????

IMG_4438Notice the adorable glass baby bottle vases we did? too cute!! we have these little guys available for rental in our inventory- note to self! 🙂

IMG_4441Loved the raffle idea too- guests were invited to bring a bag of diapers to help the Erika start off (ummm 140 diapers a week with twins!?!) and then win a goody basket for entering.

Too cute right? We always love seeing all the cute new ideas from weddings to showers- thanks for zestin’ today!


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