Ember Restaurant, Arroyo Grande


Today I bring you Ember. You would laugh if you knew the behind the scenes of this post. Ember is an amazing restaurant located in AG that has actually been around for a bit now, it just took us forever to get here!! We have done multiple walk thru’s, rehearsals and weddings all dowe the street and every time Chanda and I would dream up how we would have enough time to stop by for a meal. Well event after event turned into months and we just never seemed to get here. Instead we would hear how amazing the food was from every other vendor and friend we knew. Well my friends, we did it!! After last weekend’s rehearsal we managed to have just enough time to squeeze in a lovely dinner with our assistant Leanna. We joke it took having Leanna with us to get there! But in all seriousness it was definitely well worth the wait! We loved their July menu and open kitchen ambiance. We had so much fun chatting with the chef’s and watching as they perfect each meal before it went out. So moral of the story? Get your booty over to Ember before they change to their August menu!!




First we nibbled on some rustic homemade bread and then dove into the lovely seasonal menu…oh so many choices!


We ordered up a few of the “sharing” plates, after all sharing is caring and let’s face it there were way too many yummy items on the menu to narrow it down to one. First up the wild salmon poke and then a Monterey bay squid “pasta nero” to the right. UNBELIEVABLE IN FLAVOR!


Next we got adventurous with buttermilk fried quail with chili oil on the left and wood fired okra with soffritto to the right. Both we amazing and so different and bold in flavor!! We loved the combo!!


Those are some very very happy faces for some very very yummy food!


They even had a little cozy back area, I am sure this is a locals hot spot to enjoy the fresh air.


We enjoyed hanging and watching the chef’s make up some more gorgeous orders and paying our compliments to them!


And then it was dessert time!! We ordered up the lemon pound cake and raspberry trifle with candied lemon zest as well as the peace and blueberry bread pudding with honey custard. They were just as amazing as they sound- heaven!!!



Sam, Chanda, and Leanna


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