Eggs n’ Rice for Breakfast

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A couple of years back, we had the awesome privilege of housing an elementary aged Korean student for 3 months.  My momma heart struggled with such a young boy being so far from home for so long.  Not only was he away from family and friends, but everything here was so drastically different from home.  I know that was the point (“hello” it was a foreign exchange program), but I really wanted to make things as chill and comfortable as possible while he got bombarded by us crazy Westerners.  Yes, there was hiking, camping, drive-ins, beach campfires, pizza, burgers, and such.  But, being a dedicated foodie, I wanted to help him combat homesickness by making some of his food from home.

That journey took me on a flavorful and fun journey through Korean cuisine.  I learned from great cooks online, his mom, and a sweet Korean friend of mine.  I love how food is truly a universal language!


Among the kimchi, kimbop, and bibimbap…I discovered a crazy fast, easy and delicious breakfast.  Have you ever tried rice and eggs for breakfast?  Careful, you might get addicted!


6 eggs

3 scallions

a drizzle of sesame oil

sea salt

2 cups Japanese short grain rice (like Shirakiku) + the water for making (depends on your method)

Sriracha sauce (optional)

Korean pickles (optional)


As with anything simple, the quality of the individual ingredients is important.  You want to start with a short grain Japanese rice.  I like Shirakiku rice.  It is plump and delicious…the perfect bite!


Always make sure to wash your rice.  I generally wash my rice three times.  Pour water over it, give it a swish and drain.  The starches that release from the rice make a beautiful milky color.  My friend actually taught me to save this water to wash my hands and arms with…it is so good for your skin!  I might have to work it into my facial regime 😉 since I already wash my face with olive oil!


While your rice is cooking (on the stove top or in a rice cooker), start to chop up 3 scallions.


For a breakfast of four, I used 6 eggs.

(Side note: this is my lazy way of not running to the trash while cracking eggs….I just crack & stack!)


Season with a bit of sea salt and whisk the eggs up with a drizzle of sesame oil and your scallions.


After scrambling your eggs, place some cooked rice in bowls for serving.



Top your rice with the eggs and season with another drizzle of sesame oil and a good dowse of Sriracha sauce for an extra yummy breakfast!


However, my favorite way to eat these eggs is with some of my favorite Korean Pickles.


I loved that as I introduced something new to everyone, I created some die-hard fans!

This grub is easy and fast, so get on it! 😉



Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton

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