Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

Thrifty Thursday

Okay so I have made some progress on the shopping brigade since my last post (well let’s be real I had to go to Costco for our event this week so I was able to kill two birds with one stone! BAHAH! But hey it’s the thought that counts right?) Anyways, more shopping means more wrapping right? Well today we are going to explore some eco friendly solutions to gift wrapping this year. Not only are all these items easy to find laying around the house, but you can use many of the ideas more than once- hence the sustainable theme we have going here. So what I am telling you in a nutshell is….1- you have these items laying around….2- you will be able to re-use them…..3- you will save $!!! Oh and the bonus cherry on top? You get to look like Martha Stewart when you show up on Christmas morning with your oh so adorable and heartfelt wrapped gifts! Triple score!! You ready for this??

First I grabbed a log, cut it and then drilled a hole through it…

sustainable wrapping ideas_0000

All to make a re-usable name tag!sustainable wrapping ideas_0001sustainable wrapping ideas_0002sustainable wrapping ideas_0003sustainable wrapping ideas_0004sustainable wrapping ideas_0005

Next up- I had an old sheet that happen to be green- aka festive! Grab some scissors and string or cording and get to wrapping….
sustainable wrapping ideas_0006sustainable wrapping ideas_0007sustainable wrapping ideas_0008sustainable wrapping ideas_0009

Boom Baby!sustainable wrapping ideas_0010

For my brother and his fiancé who recently moved to Portland I thought I would get super “portlandia” on them as a cute giggle and re-purpose a thrifted sweater….

sustainable wrapping ideas_0011

Start by cutting of the sleeves and front….sustainable wrapping ideas_0012sustainable wrapping ideas_0013sustainable wrapping ideas_0014

Don’t worry I didn’t get them Dansko shoes, hahah, time to stitch it up!

sustainable wrapping ideas_0015

I was lame and could not find my fattie craft  needle so I got crafty and used a paperclip as my needle (i don’t suggest this when you are trying to be fast! hah!)sustainable wrapping ideas_0016

First I pulled the sides taught and then begun to stitch the sides together….

sustainable wrapping ideas_0017sustainable wrapping ideas_0018sustainable wrapping ideas_0019sustainable wrapping ideas_0020sustainable wrapping ideas_0021

Next I grabbed a paper doily I had to give some texture and charm as my “gift tag” sustainable wrapping ideas_0022sustainable wrapping ideas_0023

Lastly why not put that sleeve to use??sustainable wrapping ideas_0024sustainable wrapping ideas_0025sustainable wrapping ideas_0026

Now wasn’t that fun?!?



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