Easy Thrifty Coffee Scrub

A friend of mine was doing a craft fair at her home to raise money for her trip to France. (Yep I was a little jealous of her trip) But I wanted to support my sweet friend so I popped over to check out her goodies. Oooooh boy- you would think that for a gal that is basically a professional crafter she would not be so tempted. But needless to say I came home with some prizes and was left feeling inspired to do some more crafting to show you! One idea was a gorgeous scrub she created using coffee grounds. Hold up- I know you are thinking- whaaaaatttt? Okay hippie dippie sam why are you rubbing coffee grounds on your body? I can honestly say I thought it to be  bit strange, but hey I love the smell and ultimately we use sugar scrubs so why not coffee? I actually really liked how my skin felt afterwards- not only was it smooth and exfoliated but “supposedly” the caffeine will leave you feeling energized. I also loved that the grounds did not disintegrate right after like your more classes sugar scrubs. The coffee scrub is supposed to help with scars and stretch marks- I will keep you posted my friends. But you can see here that it is definitely a new trend, and can be a pricy one as well. Why not just put those coffee grounds to use after your morning cup?


1/4 cup Olive Oil

2  cups Coffee grounds

1/4 Sugar

coffee grind body scrub_0164

First off, I wanted to make my scrub more fine so I added all the ingredients to a food processor to give a quick whirl…

coffee grind body scrub_0165

coffee grind body scrub_0166

A quick blend and you will see the olive oil start to thicken

coffee grind body scrub_0167

A spoonful of sugar makes everything nice…including your skin

coffee grind body scrub_0168


Now time to fill some cute little container, let’s face it- it’s all about display!

coffee grind body scrub_0170

And now to put the scrub to the test, ahh yes smooth silky skin here I come!!

coffee grind body scrub_0171

Now to try this out in the shower on my legs!!

* Warning this will be messy!! But that just makes it all the more fun right? tee hee



Photo Credit to: Anya McInroy

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