Easy Thanksgiving Feather Candle Decor

With Thanksgiving around the corner I will admit I am very excited about the gorgeous food spread and really rocking the food baby this year (perks of being pregnant during the holidays!) but I am also giddy to set the table. Does anyone else get super excited about setting the table? I love fall colors so I guess when I see the end result of the table all pretty and ready for chaos, it excites me. I usually try to pick a theme- all natural with corn or wheat, or maybe all white pumpkins and fresh flowers? Constantly trying to mix it up! This year I though it would be fun to really set the ambiance with candlelight. This little creation is super easy to make and prep in advance. I have an Italian family of 50+ so when I set the table I usually try to do this the night before!! Most of these supplies are also at the dollar store- score!

Leather Cording
Candle & holder

supplies shot: leather, feathers, candle and glass holder
Take one feather and place it against the glass.

First grab your glass votive, this can be any shape or size but I would suggest keeping the feather proportional to the votive. For example if you decide to go with hurricane candles I would totally rock full size pheasant feathers instead of these small ones. Take one feather and place it against the glass.

add another feather to press against glass to create a fan

Add another festive feather to press against glass to create a fan look. I always design in odd numbers so I will be fanning out three feathers on this votive.

secure feathers with leather cord

Once you have your three feathers pressed against the glass grab your leather cord and begin to wrap around the base of the votive to the middle, overlapping the cord and securing the feathers.

tie off the leather cord in back

Tie off the leather cord in back of votive and snip. Make a few for each table and get to entertaining!!

thanksgiving candle decor

Happy Zesting friends!

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