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We are SUPER excited to share a few posts in the next week that are teacher related! My sister in law, Jenny has been teaching High School English for 13+ years and is making the big move to Middle School English. With the scary but exciting jump we thought her new classroom could use some zest! You may remember when we zested for her previously, well now it’s time to bring it up a notch. We wanted to make the room inviting and warm so we brought in some narwal wood elements (stay tuned for more next week) but here is our first zesty project. We made a personalized little name pencil holder out of an old scrap block of wood we scored. What some may call trash, we scream treasure!!

drill holes into wood block that are size of pencil
drill holes random spots spaced apart

First grab a chunky block of wood, it’s okay if its not perfectly cut it adds more character in my opinion. Then decide what will be the “front” of the plaque. Then take a drill with a bit large enough to fit pencils or pens and drill holes into the top of the block. We used a 5/16 for pencils. These holes can be randomly spaced.

cover entire top of wood with the holes

Now let’s personalize your block, we used regular white acrylic paint and got too scribing and painting her name on the front….

paint teacher's name on the front of wood

Time to put it into action! Jenny LOVED this personalized little name plaque and organizer, we hope you do too!

Happy Teaching

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