Easy T-Shirt Headband Wrap

I know I have expressed before my issue with sewing, no patience!! Which is possibly why I LOVE this craft even more. It involves fabric but is so easy and rewarding and require no needles. I always love rocking a headband when you are having those bad hair days, need an extra statement piece for your wardrobe or maybe want a good workout sweat band. With that said these easy 1 minute headbands are kind of addicting. We all have some old t-shirt lying around in our closet right? Well before you send them off to Goodwill or cut them up to become a rag, time to give them another life.

Start by grabbing an old t-shirt and cutting the bottom of the shirt off about 5 inches or so.

Next twist the band twice and create a figure “8” just the right size for your head.


You can throw your hair up or down!


Oh the endless possibilities when it comes to these babies!!


Snip Snip Snip, we were all joining in on the fun!!

Happy Headbanding!!



Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton

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