Easy Snow Globe DIY

It’s that time of the year when you get to sip cocoa and listen to jolly music and feel like a kid again…so why not craft like a kid?! Plus when you see anything “mini” it is just too darn cute to avoid, like these mini Christmas Trees I scored for a crazy mark down of only a few cents at our local crafts store. I was excited when I saw I had all the supplies on hand to make mini snow globes, these globes make for the perfect gift or decor for the home. We recently made these with all the little cubbies at our Cubs + Crafts workshop. The little ones were so excited to shake and equally ecstatic to work with glitter! ha! Maybe that’s ones of the best part’s about our workshops- make the mess at our studio! 🙂 All that to say, these globes are such sweet reminder to slow down and enjoy the beauty in little things, I hope you enjoy crafting….


Mini Bottle Brush Trees

Silver Glitter



Jar with lid

E6000 Craft Glue

First, keep in mind this glue needs 24hrs to set, but what is great is that it’s water proof and seriously the ultimate craft glue! You will be happy to have this one around the house for those last minute crafts! Simply add a few drops of glue on the lid and place your trees on the glue. Let the trees fully dry for 24hrs.

The next day, I added a teaspoon of glitter and a few large sequins into my jar…

Then a few drops of glycerin, about a 1/2 teaspoon, to make sure my glitter AKA “snow” slowly falls from the “sky” in my jar 😉

Lastly I filled my jar to the brim with bottled water (figured filtered water might have a better chance at not having the green dye from trees come off).

Now to add a few beads of glue around the top of the jar…

Lastly secure the lid nice and tight! Once again, I suggest letting the glue fully cure 24hr before really getting crazy and shaking (or worse- having your little one unscrew the lid!)

Time to “let it snow…let it snow….let it snow!”

Makes for the cutest coffee table decor, in the carseat or restaurant kids distraction or even party favors!

Merry Christmas!



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