Easy Shutter Table Runner

I hope you all had a fabulous week, yay it’s friday!! Today’s Find & Fix It Friday is SO easy and rewarding- don’t we just love those projects?

About three years ago I found some green shutters at a garage sale with the intentions of decorating my home with them. Ever bring a piece home and just kind of feel like you hit a wall? You know you had good intentions when purchasing the item, right? Or was my inner hoarder coming out when I saw how cute and inexpensive they were? {did I just admit that I am a hoarder, shhh don’t tell my hubby!} With that said days turned into months and here I am three years later with the perfect use of my shutters- hallelujah! I will spare you the time that it took me to figure out a cute and original idea that I actually liked. After all we have all see the shutter headboard, the shutter mail carrier, the shutter shelf- but none seemed to scream make me! Until now….

Meet the shutter runner. Yep the easiest table runner that adds color, height, dimension and texture instantly to your dining table. Kristi and Jess had some fun zestin’ this gorgeous spring inspired table….


Some decor tips?

-mismatched is fun and interesting

-Want some green? Go out to the yard with some clippers!

– Candles are a must for ambiance

– Keep it detailed, after all people will be sitting up close and personal. Add little statues, bottles, etc.

Have fun!!



Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton

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  1. I love your creativity! That is a very pretty decoration for an al’ fresco dining or buffet table! Your natural greenery, cut herbs, and fruit must create a wonderful scent for the table! Incorporating candles for a touch of glam and you have a winner! Thank you for sharing your lovely creation!

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