Easy Romantic Faux Braid

Love is in the air- Happy Valentines day zesties!! Whether you are celebrating with your man or a few girlfriends today- I am sure you want to look cute, right? Being a hairdresser’s daughter, we gotta get that “do” ready for it’s A- game. I am going to show you a very simple hairstyle that looks way more complicated than it is- especially for those of you that just hit a wall when it comes to braiding. Today’s trick is great for those messy hair days to file away as well.

faux braid_0000

Start with grabbing a handful of clear elastic bands,then make a small pony tail in the center of your head.

faux braid_0001

Next separate that pony tail into two sections, creating space to turn it inside out- aka flip the hair from the pony into the v that was created- topsy tail! This is the only thing you really need to master!

Next grab hair from both sides, wrap an elastic band around them, separate and turn them inside out as well- just like earlier step- see…..

faux braid_0002

Now let’s do it again…and again…and again….all the way to the base of your neck. Did I mention this is also an arm work out?

faux braid_0003

Once you have turned all your pony tails inside out and reached your hairline at your neck, it’s time to “loosen” up your look a bit by gently pulling the side of the hair apart, creating a look that has more volume…

Voila! Not one braid involved in this look!!

faux braid_0005

Now off to your smoking hot Valentines date!

(or stay at home in your pajamas? hahahah)



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