Easy Rock Garden Labels

Thrifty Thursday

Chanda and I are super excited to watch our garden grow! As you read a few weeks back we were busy little bees improving our garden boxes and planting some winter veggies- but this also inspired us to get our hands dirty with some garden diy projects too! With the hope of spring around the corner we hope we can inspire some outdoor projects like this one!! It’s very simple but definitely gets the job done in an adorable and affordable way, gotta love that! You most likely have all the supplies laying around too…


Smooth River Rocks

Sharpie paint pen

Clear coat spray paint

rock plant labels_0000

After you have figured out what you are going to plant (or in our case already planted) get to work scribing all the names on your rocks. Here is the time to get playful with fonts and bold prints.

rock plant labels_0001

From polka dots to pictures and arrows, I had fun making each little design unique. Next give your rocks a quick spray of clear coat to protect all your artwork during the weather conditions.

rock plant labels_0002

Now it’s time to make your little rocks at home….

rock plant labels_0003rock plant labels_0004rock plant labels_0005

So easy! This would be a great kids craft too 🙂



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