Easy Pantry Make-over

So many of you know I always love me some good old organizing. SO addictive. Remember last week when I mentioned I was going to be tackling my beast of a pantry? Well here we go! You can imagine the pantry of a caterer and blogger- lot’s of random ingredients!!! I didn’t realize how many darn bags or butterscotch chips or half eaten boxes of crackersI had until I busted out this spring cleaning. I love using my old dresser drawers for organization, but I must admit they really are just a mask. I look more organized than what I actually am, so now to live up to it!!

The Before:


Yep piles of random food in boxes is what this boils down to.


I wanted to start with adding some COLOR. Grab some contact paper at the dollar store, Target, Kmart- you name it!


I grabbed my cute teal chevron from Kmart for $8 and started to measure….


After measuring and cutting I used a squeegee to push out any air pockets.


smoooooth operator



Not only was I trying to get organized, but all on a budget! I splurged and got this cute oversized mason jar at Miners for $17 but grabbed some crates I had laying around from thrift stores and garage sales for the rest. Now to start organizing! {and purging!}


Remember these thrifty and cute crates I made last week for under the bottom shelf HERE? They roll too!


Adding a bit of color and zest to some other found storage objects…


After getting some more black chalkboard decals from the dollar store I was ready for action…


VOILA! Now just to maintain this beauty 🙂


Happy Organizing!



Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton

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  1. Looks Good. When things are neat and organized it is so much easier to find things and it looks so much better.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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