Easy Old Window Picture Frame

Want to know one of my favorite stores? Costco. Yes you are talking to a caterer here. We go to Costco all the time- and to be honest I look forward to it. They always have some fun new seasonal treasures that you can only get at Costco. Also let’s be real, who doesn’t love free samples? But other than delicious food and awesome seasonal finds, Costco has a great photo department. I have always turned to them for my picture printing needs. They do a great job, have a fast turn around and also have some great options when it comes to sizes. Oh and did I mention they have great prices? I simply upload my pics, order them and pic them up in the store- generally all in the same day! But I am getting a bit ahead of myself, you have these awesome pics but you gotta have a great way to frame them! Thats where I bust out my thrifty window frame finds….

diy_window_frame_picture_frame_0001First hunt down some old windows- garage sales, thrift stores, craigslist have all been successful routes for me. Next measure your frames and get an approximate size for your photos.

diy_window_frame_picture_frame_0002Pop onto Costco and order your pics…then grab some glass cleaner & ¬†scotch tape and get to zestin’


Get your glass on the windows all squeaky clean…


Use a razor blade to scrape off any rough areas or paint, then get to taping.


I used a small piece of scotch tape to attach the picture onto the glass, once you hang the frame you will barely see it! Believe me- everyone asks me how I attached it and then I slighly point out the tape….


Next add the picture hangers to the back to hang the window frame


And voila!! I did a few combos- some larger and some with the 6 panel window frame. I even added some cute paper to the back of some of the panels until I add more pics. So fun!!


wooden frame_0002wooden frame_0001



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