Easy Magnolia Copycat Leather Circle Bracelet

I do not think that I am alone in my obsession over Joanna Gaines’ simple style.  Yes, she is a rockin’ interior designer with a magical eye for a spacial aesthetic that makes almost anything she touches turn from “meh” into a cohesive and beautiful dream home.  However, her personal style is perhaps equally iconic.  I am coining it “tomboy with a touch of femininity.”  Her wardrobe choices pair comfy jeans with simple, soft tops and cool jackets that she compliments with a pony and leather statement jewelry.  Or, she will rock a long flowy skirt with Birkenstocks while she accents with large, delicate metal drop earrings and lets her long hair come into a loose curl.

I think her style has become so iconic because at it’s root, it is simple and comfortable.  It also looks good on most of us, whether thick or thin, tall or short.  When the focus is on comfortable, simple and good design, you kinda can’t go wrong!

While I ADORE just about EVERYTHING at Magnolia, it is so beyond realistic for me to afford all that I want.  So, in traditional Zest it Up fashion, I usually figure out how to DIY a few things so that I keep a balance and a few bills in my wallet!

Cutting leather strips for a Magnolia copycat leather bracelet


|1| scrap leather

|2| scissors

|3| old curtain ring

|4| male and female snap closure

|5| snap pliers

Two leather strips and a metal circle for creating a knock-off Joanna Gaines style leather bracelet

I love the simplicity of working with leather.  There is such an easy breeziness to it as a medium for crafting.  It doesn’t fray when cut, and it weathers even better than it looks brand new.  I started by cutting two strips of leather that were of equal length.  The idea is that the thickness of the cut matches the size of your ring and how wide you want the bracelet to be on your wrist.  I chose to make my leather strips to be 6″, because my curtain ring was 1 1/4″.  When it comes to length, you want to measure for your wrist.  It needs to wrap around your wrist with a little overlap (leaving enough space for the snap).  Place the circle on the center of your wrist and see what length the leather needs to be on either side of it to encircle your wrist, then double that distance for the length of each leather strip (we will be folding each leather strip in half, so doubling the length is important). For my wrist, I made each strip  ” long.  Remember that leather stretches, especially soft leather.  So, you may want to make your bracelet snug in preparation for that.

Inserting the leather through the metal circle to create the Magnolia copycat leather bracelet

You can honestly use a ring form that you find in the jewelry section of Michael’s, but I am the queen of reusing elements that I find around my house when crafting.  I have had my eye on this curtain ring for a while, I just loved the chunkiness and the finish.  It was the perfect size, as well.  I just removed the little clip it had for grabbing a curtain, and went to work.  Taking one of the leather pieces, slide it through your ring with the nice side of the leather facing up.  Slide it to midway, and then bring the ends of the leather together, so that the suede sides are touching.

Now it is time to add a snap.  The snaps have some decently sharp prongs for punching through fabric, but I found the leather to be a bit too tough.  You can use the prongs to mark the leather and then prepunch some tiny holes for them to go through with a leather punch or a simple nail and hammer (just make sure that you use a junky piece of wood as a work space if you are going the nail route).  Once all the holes are punched, insert your pronged side on one side of the bracelet end, then flip it over and apply the cap of the snap.

Attaching the snap to create the Magnolia copycat leather bracelet

Once both parts of the snap are in place, it is just about using the snap pliers to press them locked.  You can also pull this task off with a hammer, just look for directions on your snap package.

Using the snap pliers to look the snap in place for the Magnolia copycat leather bracelet

The bracelet is now half-way complete!

Halfway finished with the knock off Joanna Gaines leather circle bracelet

Repeat the same process on the other side with the other half of your snap (aka make sure that you have a female snap on one side and a male on the other).  You want to make sure that the snaps are in opposing directions too!  So that they can overlap and snap at the back of your wrist.

The finished Magnolia copycat leather circle bracelet

The finished Magnolia copycat leather circle bracelet

I love the simplicity of this design!  It looks just like one of Joanna Gaines’ bracelets that I have been eyeing….mission complete!

 If the looping leather winds up bugging you at all, go ahead and glue the suede sides of the leather straps together. It is an easy option, and works great. I personally just left it as-is, and it has been perfect.

 This Magnolia knock off bracelet is the perfect accent in jeans or a flowy dress.  My personal favorite is that I made it in like 10 minutes! LOL








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