Easy Kitchen Storage Ideas

So this will be a two part blog on organizing my pantry….ooOOOoooo…..AAAAaaaaaaaa. Yep- I am pretty excited about this {and so is the neat freak hubby}. This organization idea is easy, flexible with any space really, and most of all inexpensive!! Just a quick trip to the dollar store and Michael’s and you are ready for action!


diy_cheap_wooden_recycling_crates_on_wheels_0001Time to start painting, don’t worry there is no right or wrong, have some fun with colors/patterns/etc.


Once dry, grab your chalkboard signs and attach them with velcro to your crates so you can label them.


Now grab your plant stands, this was my thrifty alternative to avoid buying wheels at the hardware store for 2.99 each- instead I snagged 4 for 1.99! Now I am going to wheel around my little crates under some shelves in my pantry. They will glide on the wheels for easy access-score!


Ready to organize!! Whoop whoop!!



That’s a wrap for now, can’t wait to show you the rest- stay tuned zesties!!



Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton

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