Easy Fruit & yogurt trifle

Seasonal Sunday

I know I hit you with a Valentines dessert yesterday, and just to make sure I really drill it into ya here is another! haha. Except this dessert does not require much time and I think my hubby and any of those who are wanting to impress their Valentines but aren’t necessarily the “chef” in the kitchen, can rock this. Remember that easy yellow cake we made the other day? Well here is a way to “zest up” that cake with some color and flavor. If you are not super into baking or have the time to bake, simply grab some angel food cake from the bakery section at your nearest grocery store. What you will need for this dessert is a trifle pan, I scored mine at the thrift store for $7.


Cakes (yellow/vanilla or angel food cake)

Assorted berries

Whipped cream


Vanilla bean (optional to mix into whipped cream or yogurt)

Trifle dish

**My trifle dish is HUGE so it required 3 cakes, the amount of your ingredients will vary due to the size of your trifle dish.

layered cake with fruit and yogurt_0000

Start with a layer of  yogurt

layered cake with fruit and yogurt_0001

Next layer with chunks of cake…

layered cake with fruit and yogurt_0002

Next position fruit around the edge to start to create the “eye candy” for the side of the dish. After you have fruit positioned add a layer of whipped cream to the top of the cake layer…

layered cake with fruit and yogurt_0003

Now it’s just a matter of what you are wanting to layer…whipped cream…fruit…yogurt…cake…

layered cake with fruit and yogurt_0004

I made this cute little banner with some straws, baker’s twine and a little valentine card from the dollar store all with a glue gun…

layered cake with fruit and yogurt_0005

All layered up- it’s SO pretty you will feed bad eating it!! Or will you? muahahah

layered cake with fruit and yogurt_0006

The finishing touches! To secure my little straw sign I used some wood skewers to hold them in place.

layered cake with fruit and yogurt_0007layered cake with fruit and yogurt_0008

Happy Valentines!



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