Easy DIY Tassel Necklace Tutorial

Ever get bored with your jewelry? Here is an easy way to “zest it up” and add some color and flair to what was once an ordinary necklace. You can make your own necklace or take one of your favorites to add this trendy tassel on. Still trying to figure out what to get your mom for Mother’s Day? How about you make her this, we guarantee she will love it!

beaded necklaces_0000


Let’s make that tassel! You want to wrap your string around an object that will determine the length of your tassel (ours is about 3 inches). You can choose anything from our handy incense sticks (we try to put everything to use) or any object you want.

beaded necklaces_0001

After you have wrapped your desired amount of embroidery thread (not to mention you can feel free to switch things up and add multiple colors), cut a piece of the wire and wrap it around the top of the string to keep it all together as you prepare for the following step.

beaded necklaces_0002

Next, cut the string to create your tassel!

beaded necklaces_0003

Go ahead and wrap some more of the copper wire around the string at the top in order to hold it all in place.

beaded necklaces_0004

Time to add your tassel! Depending on your necklace, attaching the tassel can vary. You will simply open the loop that you made and insert. Otherwise, if you are just adding to a chain, simply slide!

beaded necklaces_0006

beaded necklaces_0007

Now you have a pretty & simple necklace with a stylish tassel to wear with any top or dress!

Happy Zesting!



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