Easy DIY Stone Dresser Topper Restored

We have been busy improving our office space in lots of fun projects! If your recall, when we moved into the space it was filled with junk, junk and more junk! 6 trips to the dump later, you could see the floors and a few remaining beauties. One of those beauties we decided to keep and restore was this small dresser. We loved the color, structure and even the handles. However we were not loving the pressboard top. Ew! We searched high and low at Valley Tile & Stone Inc. in Paso Robles for the perfect piece of granite or marble to replace the nasty topper. We decided to go the stone route rather than the wood rout because we already had so many wood textures and pieces in the space and really wanted the juxtaposition of the stone with the wood and concrete floors.

office renovations_0016

Let me tell ya- we were well taken care of by Chris at Valley Tile & Stone Inc. (he was even nice enough to let us take a pic with him- hahaha) He showed us around the warehouse carefully inspecting each piece we were considering, we learned a few lessons about stone too!

Time to cut the stone!



This project was SUPER easy, we simply gave the topper a few hits with the hammer and before you know it that top popped off and we were able to lay our heavy stone down on top. We won’t need to secure it, it is nice and heavy on there- plus we don’t have kiddos or anyone running around the shop that may tamper with it.


SO excited to be one project closer to completing our zesty space! All in time my friends, all in time (at least that’s what Chanda and I tell ourselves!)



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