Easy DIY Pipe Bathroom Counter

With the new year, Sam and I have been having fun with revamping our office space.  As with almost everything we put our hands to, we couldn’t help but get down and dirty.  Designing is always fun, but making those designs come to life with our own hands is even more amazing fun!

Our bathroom is a perfect example!  After demoing a shower and chiseling out tile in order to resurface the industrial concrete floors, it was time to put in a sink.  Since everything was concrete and white, we decided play with some new textures.  Fortunately, I scored some seriously chunky pieces of hardwood flooring at Restore.  If you are new to the blog, Restore is an amazing resource that we make use of more than a little frequently!  It is basically a thrift store for The Habitat for Humanity.  There are so many fun materials to hunt through and use to create.  Combining that with a quick trip to Home Depot for some plumbing pipes, and we were set to start playing!



4 sections of hardwood flooring, or 2″X 4″‘s

chop saw

wood glue

4- galvanized 1/2″pipes 5″ long

4- galvanized 1/2″ pipes 24″ long

4 galvanized pipe flanges (for connecting base to countertop)

4 galvanized iron trees, or 3-sided connectors

2- galvanized 1/2″ pipes 36″ long

1- 1″ X 8″‘s plank

wood screws

***UPDATE*** Since doing this project we have discovered this amazing company, Blackfriars Ironworks, that sells pipes that are already cut, cleaned and threaded! I will say that the galvanized pipes I originally used are smelly, sticky and hard to clean (after all they are meant for plumbing- not furniture). I would highly suggest grabbing some pipes from Blackfriars Ironworks to save time and headache, plus there are some very cool ready to build projects on their website too as well as different pipe color options- hello bronze pipes!!


Here is where this DIY is not going to be bossy!  Feel free to decide on how long of a countertop you want.  I chose to really fill the space that we have, so I cut my sections of wood down to a little over 3 feet.


Using wood glue, I glued the flooring grooves together and then secured them by screwing a 1″X4″ to the bottom of them as a frame.  Just cut the 1″X4″ to measure to the width of your four boards (about 15″).

Crucial step here is to make sure that you assemble the pipe frame before securing the flanges to the bottom of the countertop.


It kinda feels like you are playing with Legos.  Each piece fits together perfectly, but you have to slightly tweak things until everything is perfectly balanced.


Once you are happy, flip it upside down and secure it to the bottom of your countertop with the flanges.


Using the remnants of my boards, I cut them down to make a bottom shelf for storage and visual balance of the piece.


I kept it simple and just glued the pieces together with a support piece screwed in from beneath.  Viola!



Simply had to repeat the fun with a quick little towel rack to match!



We are seriously loving having running water in the bathroom now!  Beats having to run to the kitchen in order to wash our hands.  LOL!

A pretty darn basic construction, but it sure was fun to make!  For the sink, we simply followed some of those stellar Ikea instructions.  I told you that it felt like playing with Legos!!

Keep ya posted on our renovation endeavors!






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