Easy DIY Orange Pomander Centerpiece

Today I am taking a trip down memory lane to make one of my favorite projects that we did in Girl Scouts wayyyyyy back. My troop leader was awesome at always coming up with inexpensive ways for us to craft that were a little more unpredictable- I loved it!! At a young age I quickly fell in love with the smell of orange and clove all because of this project. This is a great project to sit with your kiddos and watch a christmas movie all while supping coco by the fire. I love that this is something you can make as a yearly tradition but also are able to find the all natural supplies needed pretty easily and inexpensive.

Firm and fresh oranges (you don’t want mushy!)
Jar of whole cloves
toothpick or fork
Optional: rubberband, string to hang

First decide on your design or pattern you want to make. I am going to make some striping so a fork works great to puncture those holes for stabbing my cloves very quickly. If you are going to make let’s say a “polka dot” pattern I suggest grabbing a skewer or toothpick to only make one hole at a time. The fork/toothpick is not a MUST but after stabbing so many cloves you might find your fingers hurting so these simple tools help!

If you are set on making a PERFECT circle around your orange grab a rubber band to wrap around your orange and use as your guideline. Now it’s time to zen out! Listen to that podcast, watch a movie or chat with some family or friends all while crafting away 🙂

Once you have your design complete and have made a few oranges it’s time to decide how you want to decorate! You can hang them up or place them in a bowl- either are gorgeous and will smell divine!

A few quick tips on avoiding these beauties from molding:

– I had mine sitting in a bowl, like the pic below, and after about 4 days I noticed them start to mold. To avoid this I suggest placing the bowl in the fridge each night to have them last longer. OR you can also use orrisroot powder to dust on your pomanders to preserve them longer.

– Another route to preserve them and really make the fragrance “pop” would be to dry out your pomander balls. To do this simply string the balls and hang in a cool dark room for about a week. Then hang around the house for a natural air freshener!

Merry Christmas friends!

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