Easy DIY Maternity Pants

I’m officially 1/2 way through my pregnancy and as I watch my belly grow and grow I can only think- so does my wardrobe. I have had fun thrifting for some new threads, but I also have some favorite clothing items that thankfully I have still been able to rock. Most of my flowy shirts, sundresses and maxis are very much an option, but when it comes to pant’s- not so much. After all, when I am my biggest I won’t be able to slip on an easy breezy summer dress and am going to need to rock some skinny jeans in these coming cold winter months. So in preparation, I am going to take a stab at making my own maternity pants! I am by NO means an expert seamstress, I rarely bust out my machine but this project was actually fairly simple!

Wide Elastic (I would get at least 3ft)
Sewing machine & thread

skinny jeans that don't fit
supplies shot

First cut is always the scariest!! Maybe test this out on some pants you don’t care too much about, otherwise let’s dive in and first cut down the side seem all the way to the top of the pocket, then stop.

cut side pocket out of jeans

Next follow the edge of the curve of the pocket and completely remove the “pocket” inside.

completely remove both front pockets on jeans

Do this to both sides of the pants, then lay them side by side on your elastic and cut. We are about to double your square footage in these pants! This elastic strip is just for one side, do this twice, one elastic strip for each pocket removed.

measure each elastic panel to double your pocket size

Next take your straight pins and begin to secure your elastic to the pants side where the pocket once was. Bye bye pockets, hello stretchy elastic!

pin your elastic

Follow the elastic all the way along the edge with pins until you come to other side of pants.

pin elastic entirely replacing pocket

Time to bust out your sewing machine and finalize your markings. Simply guide the machine with the curve of the pant pocket and remove the straight pins as needed.

sew elastic into place

Time to try on!! I am loving all the square footage my tummy now has!! My only tip and lesson from making these, when you buy your elastic try to find some that is not so stiff but is softer, mine rub a little bit on my hips and are stiff. Maybe I will just wear an undershirt with them? But hey not bad for my first pair!

time to try on

Now to all the stylish mommas out there, time to rock those favorite skinny jeans even in the next 9 months!!

diy maternity jeans

Rockin’ that bump!

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