Easy DIY Hanging Planter

If there is one thing you could gather from reading our blog or even just reading our about page, it’s that Chanda and I both adore all things plants and all things copper. Which is why today’s post is so easy to see why it is one of my favorite projects. Gotta love when projects are easy and have that instant gratification factor, but then you throw copper plants and a cherry on top of green moss- happiness indeed! So you might be wondering where I got this oh so stylish “sugar” copper container- good old goodwill. I snagged this beauty for a buck and I had no idea what I was going to do with it, I just knew I needed it. And it needed me 🙂 Soo moral of the story- if you don’t have a cute copper container no sweat- really any tin or metal container will do- it just needs to be somewhat lightweight since I am going to show you how to make it a hanging planter. Ready?


Plant & Saucer



Plastic disposable pot (your plant may have come in one)

Drill and bit

3 Metal chains for hanging (length depending on preference, mine were 1 ft 6″)

Hooks for attaching chains

S hook for hanging to ceiling and hook for installing into ceiling

plant holder_0000

Start by drilling three holes into your vessel, this is where we will be attaching the chains and hooks

plant holder_0001

Next attach your hook and then chain… you may need pliers to unlink the chain

plant holder_0002

I linked all the tops of my chains around one ring, then I will use an S hook to attach the ring to the main hook in ceiling….

plant holder_0003

Next I transplanted my fern into a larger pit and places a saucer inside the copper tin to catch all access water

plant holder_0004

Next I added moss to no only make the pot look fuller and cuter but it will serve as a way to keep my fern nice and moist for those days I might not get a chance to water- score!

plant holder_0005

I need to get hubby to climb the ladder and help with the hook for the ceiling with me, but in the mean time I am loving my hanging plant!!

plant holder_0006plant holder_0007



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  1. Thanks for sharing your project. I did something similar, but I didn’t hang it. Love this idea hanging the plant. I’m going to take your idea & make this also. I have time to get it ready in time for spring.

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  4. You have to be easy on watering that plant otherwise it’s going to be painful to drain the water out when the saucer is full with it

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