Easy DIY Floral Arranging Technique

Thrifty Thursday

With wedding season in full bloom, we figured a quickie DIY on a basic floral technique might come in handy for bride’s whose budget feels a wee bit tight.  Actually, this technique is awesome for arrangements at home and work, too.  It is a cinch, and helps make your DIY arrangement look legit!  I even use this method when grabbing blooms from my backyard.

flower vase trick_0000


a vessel for your arrangement

duck tape (or floral tape if you’ve got swank!)


flowers…duh 😉

flower vase trick_0001

Cut, or tear, your duct tape into strips.

flower vase trick_0002

Using multiple strips, create a grid on top of your vessel.  We loved making a sweet arrangement in this old coffee pot for one of our bride’s celebrations.

flower vase trick_0003

What’s the point of all this????  Simple, this handy little grid is going to give your buds support, so that your arrangement looks full and not weepy-sad.

flower vase trick_0004

Simply place a couple of flowers in each grid opening until you love what you see!

flower vase trick_0005

Not a sad, saggy bud in the bunch!  This technique is awesome for all flower types, both mixed arrangements and single floral arrangements like these gerbera daisies.  What a happy bunch!!!

Stop and smell the flowers today, lovelies!



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