Easy Copper Pipe Pour Over

I love this project because it is a sleek and sexy design that costs so little to make!

 I don’t know if you have caught onto the pour over craze, but if you are a coffee lover…this is where it’s at!  It protects the purity of the bean and gives you a lovely cup of brew without bitterness.  Whether I have sold you on the pour over or not, I am thinking you will want to make this creation regardless.  Pipes + copper = HELLO BABY!  I have been wanting to make this for a bit now, and now that I have pulled it off, I can hardly believe I procrastinated.  It is so inexpensive and simple, that it’s genius!

copper coffee drip_0000


tube cutter (or have the folks at your hardware store cut it for you)

2 pieces of 2 foot 1/2″ type M copper pipe (“M” is important because it’s easier to cut, you will have some left over)

1/2″ copper fittings: 3 elbows, 2 T connectors, & 2 end caps

sand paper

adhesive for metal

glass funnel

copper coffee drip_0001

Here is your cut list, measure it out and mark on your pipe with a Sharpie:

one piece at 10″

one piece at 2″

two pieces at 5″

two pieces at 2.5″

copper coffee drip_0002

Using the tube cutter is a cinch!  It only cost around $7, and it allows me to do all sorts of pipe crafting…so the purchase was totally with it.  However, if this seems daunting to you, go ahead and ask the helpful clerks at your local hardware store to make the cuts for you.  If you decide to go the route of doing the cuts yourself, then just place the tube cutter on your mark, turn the knob as tight as you can, and then spin the cutter round and round the pipe.  As you go, keep turning the knob tight until the pipe slices through.

copper coffee drip_0004

For adhesive, you have lots of options.  You can use a two part epoxy, but I went with a Fix-All Adhesive by Super Glue.  It works on multiple materials, including metal.

drip coffee_0000

First step is to roughen up the ends of the pipes, so that the adhesive has a bit of texture to grab onto.

drip coffee_0001

Apply the adhesive and then insert them into the pipe connectors.

drip coffee_0002

The two 2.5″ segments go into the T connector.  Then, attach the elbow connectors to the ends of the 2.5″ pipes.  Follow up by attaching the 5″ segments to the other ends of the elbow connectors and then finish by putting on the end caps on the exposed ends.

drip coffee_0003

Now your base is built!  Now insert the 10″ pipe into the top of the T connector.  Use your last elbow connector and attach it to the top of your 10″ pipe and the last 2″ piece of pipe.  Your very last step is to attach the final T connector…just make sure that the T is facing straight up.  It is going to be the holder for your glass funnel.

drip coffee_0004

Make sure everything is straight while the adhesive dries.

pour over coffee_0000

After allowing the adhesive to cure overnight, it is just a matter of resting the glass funnel in the top of the T connector.

pour over coffee_0001

Now, all you need is a paper filter, some hot water, and some yummy grounds!

Ahhhhh, coffee!  It makes me a normal person 😉



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