Easy Copper Necklaces

I am SUPER excited about today’s trendy project. Remember last week when I scored that thrifty copper sugar container and turned it into a planter? Well apparently copper is certainly on my mind! I was walking down the aisle at Miners hardware store last week and had a thought…I should see what copper they have here. I have been wanting to create a simple and super modern necklace and when I saw copper tubing at the store it hit me! Simply cut and slip the copper through a chain…eureka!

copper necklace_0000

I got 1/6 of a foot- aka they only charged me .10 cents for my two copper pieces! 10 cents people! Score!!

copper necklace_0001

Next I grabbed some chains that I had other trinkets on and swapped them out…copper necklace_0000copper necklace_0001copper necklace_0002

Ahh I love it! You could stack a few or just keep it simple with one copper tube.

copper necklace_0003copper necklace_0004copper necklace_0005

After doing some research I saw Brit & Co also had a great idea with adding t-shirt strips to a necklace here.

Loving all the ideas this craft has to offer!

Oh and hello christmas or birthday gifts?!



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