Easy Bobby Pin Hairstyles

Growing up with a momma who is a hairstylist and owns two hair salons has it’s perks….endless shampoo supply…a great place to get ready for prom…free haircuts for life….and some quick and easy hair tips up your sleeve just to name a few. Growing up with three brothers didn’t really leave me with much opportunity to test out hairstyles on them, but let’s just say my dolls got their full lovin.’ With that said today we had some fun experimenting with the oh so simple bobby pin into two fresh and fun new trendy looks….

Style One: The Trifecta

First start by grabbing a portion of hair, twisting and pinning the strand to create a “V” on each side


Next choose your bobby pin color- we am going to go with blonde to make a bigger pop statement against Kristi’s dark hair…


Time to start playing around with the bobby pin styling…


1, 2, 3 to make the perfect triangle. We suggest placing the wavy edge of the bobby pin towards the head for a better hold


Oh so cute and simple!!

Style Two: The Chevron

We all love our trendy chevron. We buy journals with it, paint walls and finger nails and you can’t walk into Target or Home Goods without seeing at least one chevron pillow or rug- why not sport the fun pattern in your hair??

The steps are pretty simple so I will let the picture do the talking….


The key again is wavy side of the bobby pin towards your head for a better hold.

So fun and an awesome way to pin back your bangs you might be growing out too!

Thanks for zesting with bobby pins today!



Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton

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