Easy Beach Cover Up

Umm as I write this I wish I were in my bathing suit laying by the pool. Smack of reality, yep I am not. But at least this craft gives me hope of doing that one day….hopefully in the near future. 🙂

But with that said today we are diving into an easy project. Not only do you not need a sewing machine but you will look so runway chic next time you are skipping down the beach….Start with an arm’s length of fabric, I used some cotton stretch fabric I snagged at a craft store….


Next measure from your armpit to just above your knee (or where you want your beach cover up to hit)



Okay now grab your favorite ribbon, mine was stretchy, and measure a strap length. You could use your bra strap for reference if you are having trouble measuring yourself….


Now it’s time to attach your straps to your fabric. Practice makes perfect!

That’s right start with pinning where you estimate the straps being on the front and back, then try on to gauge the length….


Now for a lesson to get dressed…

Don’t mind my 80’s fab one piece, did that for a giggle for you!

{ehm we also won’t talk about how badly I need to go tan, but all in time right?}


start with draping fabric then cross over your body both way’s to your arms and let fabric hang in back….


Gotta love that dramatic “U” back- now time to hit the pool and tan!



 Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton

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