Easy Bathroom Hand Towel Holder

Happy Friday Zesties!!

Today’s project is simple and fast but definitely a cute one!! Where do we always go no matter the day? Yep to the bathroom. Why not make this space as fabulously decorated as the rest of your home? Agreed. Let’s start with tackling the hand towel. I had this open spot to the left of my bathroom door that was the perfect spot for a hand towel- but now to make a zesty one 🙂 If you have been following our blog you know that barn wood is definitely a staple in my home, so it only seemed fitting to create this towel rack from wood! I went out to the wood pile and found the perfect cut, next stop to the thrift store where I scored this awesome ring!!


measured for the space and length of the wood panel- fit great! yay!


time to spray some gold, oohh la la

diy_scrap_wood_industrial_powder_room_towel_holder_0003Now for the mounting, we found this hardware amongst our tool chest of treasures. I would take a quick trip to Home Depot and see all the hardware options.


Some drilling and more spray painting and we are almost there…


diy_scrap_wood_industrial_powder_room_towel_holder_0006Loving the contrast of silver and gold hardware

Grab some picture hangers, one for each side. Tip and trick when working with small nails- grab some need nose pliers instead of hitting your thumb while hammering! Genius!


the picture hangers are up and we are ready for action!


teamwork- loop that hoop back in place


Time to bust out the level for the perfect hang…


All hung up and lookin’ soooooo good!


Now to add the hand towel…


All done, ready to dry your hands?



Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton

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