Easy Bamboo Post Hat Rack

I know I have shared some peeks into my closet before on previous posts, it’s another land in there. Be careful you could get lost. I love to find thrifty unique clothes but I also get bags of clothes and accessories from my Mother in law all the time. With that in mind I am always seeking new ways to organize my closet and keep some sanity. Two of my favorite accessories are hats and scarfs. When you are “on the go” those are the two easiest way’s to get a “pulled together” look that is cute and fast with almost no effort. On the flip side these accessories are often the first of mine to end up on the floor in a heap of chaos. But not today my friends, today we conquer a cute and inexpensive hat and scarf rack!! Originally I saw this idea on Pinterest with wooden dowels from Home Depot- so here is my more inexpensive stab….


4 bamboo sticks (I scored mine at the 99 Cents store in the garden section)

Stretchy headband or large rubber band

Old belt, leather, ribbon– whatever is your style

Blue tape

Spray paint

First I cut my bamboo to all be the same length- 6ft

bedroom hat stand_0000

I wanted to add some fun detailing so I taped off a few sections to paint….

bedroom hat stand_0001

A little spray of gold and white and I was loving the contrast with the darker bamboo….

bedroom hat stand_0002

Some of my spray paint went over the tape line- oops! A quick wipe of nail polish remover (be sure it has acetone) and the paint wiped right off for that clean line I was hoping for.

bedroom hat stand_0003

I have my four 6ft bamboo sticks- check!

bedroom hat stand_0004

Next I grabbed one of my elastic headbands and wrapped them around the bamboo sticks a few times (you could use a larger rubber band too)

bedroom hat stand_0005bedroom hat stand_0006

Next I grabbed an old belt I found at the Goodwill and wrapped the headband to make aesthetics more pleasing!

bedroom hat stand_0007bedroom hat stand_0008

Time to accessorize!!!!!

bedroom hat stand_0009bedroom hat stand_0010

I am in love!!



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