Easy and fast soda pop cake

Thrifty Thursday

I am going to bring it back to the old college dorm days today- this is a baking tip and trick that I always used to do while in the college dorms at Cal Poly. In the dorms you often have your mini fridge and microwave so getting all gourmet in the kitchen can be quite tricky. I lived in a tiny little tissue box sized room with three girls, that’s right THREE. Wowzers- I loved it but I definitely had to remind myself this was only for a season. Hahah. When friends birthday’s rolled around we still wanted to make a “homemade” birthday cake but we lacked the space to store eggs, flour, sugar etc. This was the closest we got- soda and cake mix. Say WHAT?? I know, it’s cray cray. Let me assure you it’s delicious and moist and SO easy. You make yellow cake mix or funfetti with sprite or even chocolate cake mix with a can of coke. Choose your flavor and let’ get to “baking.”


Cake Mix

Soda Can

Olive oil spray or butter

Soda cake_0000

You ready for this???

Soda cake_0001

Open your bag and just pour away!! Next stir!!

Soda cake_0002Soda cake_0003

Grease your pan with butter or olive oil to prevent sticking…

Soda cake_0004

Soda cake_0005

Bake according to the box…

Soda cake_0006

Cheers to the easiest moistest cake ever!!



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