Dorn’s Breakers Cafe



Today we are debuting one of our favorite restaurants in Morro Bay- Dorn’s Breakers Cafe! Have you been here yet? Not only is the food stellar but the views are pretty spectacular too. I would definitely check out their breakfast and soak in the view one of these fine weekends. Chanda and I hit up their dinner with our good friend Travis a few weeks back after doing a walk through for a wedding nearby- we loveeeed all we ordered up!! MMMmmm

A few quick pics from their website to set the ambiance…


Are you feeling me yet??

And now for some tasty dishes we enjoyed…

We were naughty. Meet the fried artichoke hearts served with a dijon aioli. Yep enough said.


And for dinner we were all feeling the seafood, after all who wouldn’t want some amazing seafood with the ocean near in view!!

I thoroughly enjoyed their special, a delicious salmon with a creamy caper dressing over a bed of spinach-yum!


Travis enjoyed their  Seared Ahi encrusted with sesame seeds, black pepper with avocado & soy ginger wasabi sauce


While Chanda popped a scallop sauté with butter, parsley, garlic & a splash of white wine in her mouth…


Needless to say we were all quite pleased and not only enjoyed the amazing food and view but good company as well!



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