DIY Yoga Mat Holder

After Tuesday’s post  about Yoga mat spray and today’s you may think I am a legit yogi- oh no my friends, I will let Arielle take that crown. Have you seen her legit moves? No I am just more of the practical gal who loves her accessories and fun DIY hacks. tee hee. So with that we are going to add one one more yoga necessity, a cute yoga mat holder! I have seen some that are velcro (hmm not cute if you ask me) and then I have seen other macro or crochet holders (adorable, but I am not thatttttt patient). So today’s tutorial is for the girl that want’s to get ‘er done and still look adorbs. My good friend Faith helped make this little holder, she is awesome! You will get to meet her more on the blog this summer as she interns with us. She has some legit crafty skills, a true zester. 🙂 Okay let’s dive in!




Leather strips

Leather hole puncher 

Start by cutting your ribbon, string and fabric to the same length. You will want to measure how long and low you want the strap to hang, every body is different!

yoga mat holder_0001yoga mat holder_0002

We used a fabric that was like an old t-shirt so it had some nice stretch to it.

Next punch a hole into leather with the biggest gauge you have.

yoga mat holder_0003yoga mat holder_0004

Have your two holes?

yoga mat holder_0005

Slip your fabric and string combo into the first hole….

yoga mat holder_0006

And then the next, creating a little loop holder with the leather strap…

yoga mat holder_0007

A quick and easy knot to make sure the fabric and string don’t slip out…

yoga mat holder_0009

Slide your mat through the leather loops…

yoga mat holder_0010


Ready to hit the studio….

yoga mat holder_0011

Until next time!!


Sam & Faith

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