DIY West Elm Hack Copper Ice Bucket

I don’t know about you, but I am currently crushing on all things West Elm. I adore the clean lines and sophisticated style that West Elm consistently puts out…but the price tag usually has my heart skip a beat for other reasons! I think that is why I am such a DIY nut. I love beautiful things, but hate the costs that they usually incur. I am not one for getting discouraged by dollar signs. Instead, I always see it as a personal challenge. How to I get the essence of what I love for what the price that fits my budget. This little hack is the perfect example. I loved West Elm’s ice bucket, so with a little creativity I busted out my own version for way cheaper! When all was said and done, my new piece only set me back like $30. A big improvement on the $80 price tag of West Elm.

Note: The West Elm product is actually their Spun Metal Planter that they repurposed on Instagram as an ice bucket to chill some wine.  My version would make a great appearance as a planter, too 😉 

Supplies are a 1/2


M sized 1/2″ copper pipe (sold in 5′ lengths)

6- 1/2″ copper T- joiners

4- 1/2″ copper end caps

pipe cutter

sand paper

adhesive for metal

paint bucket

copper Rust-Oleum spray paint


Measuring out the pipe segments to cut using a ruler

Cut List

4 pieces at 2 1/2″

4 pieces at 3″

4 pieces at 4″

1 piece at 5″

Cutting with the pipe cutter is a cinch!  Find your spot, tighten and twist until it cuts through the pipe.

Using a pipe cutter to cut the segments of pipe needed for the projectUsing sandpaper to roughen both ends of each pipe segment in preparation for gluing
Six t-connectors, 4 end caps and all the segments cut and ready.  Four pieces that are 2 1/2

The rest of this project is what I enthusiastically call “adult legos!” If you are one of those nerds who loves to put together Ikea furniture, this project is perfect for you! Grabbing the 5″ piece, apply your Gorilla Glue to one end. Remember how your roughed up the ends with the sandpaper? It made for the perfect texture for the glue to adhere to.

Making sure that all ends of the pipe segments have been roughed up with sandpaper.  Then using Gorilla Glue for multiple surfaces to attach a T-connector to either side of the 5

Attach a T-joint and then repeat on the other end. This will be the center connector of your stand.

The 5

Using two of the 2 1/2″ pieces, attach them to either side of one T-joint and then cap then with two more T-joints. Now repeat on the other side. This will create the body of your stand…all that is left is giving it legs and some upward height.

The base fully assembled with the 5

Use the 4″ pieces to create “legs” for your stand.

Using the four 4

Insert the 3″ pieces into the top openings of the T-joints to create your top height. Finish by using the 4 caps to give your stand a completed look.

Spray painting the outside of the paint bucket with copper Rustoleum spray paint

After a couple of coats of Rustoleum copper spray paint, the paint bucket looks perfect with the copper stand! I was super excited to see how well they matched. You may want to give the bucket a clear coating to protect the finish over time,,,especially if you are prone to schlepping your creation out to picnics, like I am!

Resting the copper paint bucket into the copper stand for a completed project
Sitting at a picnic with wine being chilled in the copper ice bucket

I love how using a little upcycling know-how can turn a plain old paint bucket into a West Elm inspired copper ice bucket. This project was a cinch, and the lego-esque nature of it made for a super fun crafting experience. You might want to make one to give and one to keep! Christmas prepping yet, anyone??

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