DIY Watercolor Wall

We have been having some fun over at Zest Quarters, literally playing with paint.  Remember those huge sheets of butcher block that you got to paint on in preschool?  Well this project took me back to those good ol’ days!  If you recall, our new space was riddled with multiple portraits of the former proprietor.

new office_0013

After saying goodbye to this artwork with about 3 coats of white paint, it was time to get dirty!


acrylic paint

natural sponge/s


Sam and I had a good little giggle here because it seems that just about every time we decide to paint, I happen to be wearing dress clothes….nothin’ a trash bag can’t fix!


Using basic acrylic paint, I mixed in water to make almost a colored wash.


With a natural sponge, I was able to swipe the colors horizontally along the top of the wall.  Having enough water mixed in the paint (about 50/50) allows for the paint to move freely with gravity and create a lovely water color effect as it moves south on the wall.  We chose to use multiple colors for our wall to mimic our website, but monochromatic would be beautiful, too.

Since Sam and I really did not want a drippy looking wall, we made the extra effort to swipe away drips with another damp, clean sponge.


Drip, drip, drip….


swipe, swipe, swipe.


The result is already so magical!


Having this vibrant wall in our space instantly puts me in a great mood!

Cheers to a little bold creativity!



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  1. Love it! Did you use different blues or just layered them? Also which finish did you use (gloss, semi, eggshell, matte) or just plain ole acrylic paint in the tube?

    Thanks in advanced

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