DIY Vintage Vanity

Ready for another great Zest transformation? Take a nice long hard look at that before pic….a modern desk (donated to Zest from my lovely parents) and a Goodwill Mirror.

The perfect items for our new vanity we are building to use at Sage for their new garden weddings. We used this vanity in our Secret Garden photoshoot in the green house where the bride will get ready, stay tuned for those awesome pics! See where it will go in the green house to let the zestin’ begin!

First we sand and prime.

Next we decided we wanted the desk to look more “feminine” and vintage, so that called for a tray to be added. We went out to my backyard to find more lovely baseboards (the gift that just keeps giving) and started to assemble away. Note: apparently we love to zest in the blistering heat in dresses? work itttttt chanda! Oh the joys of meeting clients right after our work days 🙂

Attach with good old gorilla glue and nails…

Did you know gorilla glue works best when you wet the wood prior with a damp cloth? That’s right, learn somethin’ new everyday.

After some quick nails, tray- check! Next up (below) we added some embellishments to the front corners of the panel of the desk to give a more dainty appeal and I painted it yellow.

Then I painted away with some lovely teal on top of the yellow (later we will sand to have it show through).

Don’t forget the mirror!

Next I used Annie Sloan Furniture Wax to give the aged and secret garden feel.

Here is the desk after the paint, wax, and some light sanding to allow the yellow to shine through more. It’s coming along!!

Next we added some embellishment to the legs, usually these pieces are on the poles of grand staircases- but not today! We are going to add them to the bottom of the legs to add more femininity. Nothing a screw and some gorilla glue can’t fix.

And before I show you the finished product, remember that adorable chair we turned into a stool from what we thought was a fatal accident? If not check it out for even more appreciation of this piece! We added to it…I had this adorable piece of metal that I had found at the thrift store and knew we would use it one day…

Such a simple but beautiful detail!! Ready to see it all in action??

Thanks for coming along for the transformation, stay tuned for more awesome Secret Garden pics!!!


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